Data Engineering

Build robust and cost-effective infrastructure to extract, process and analyze your data. Leverage the best of cloud technology and open source frameworks to get the most effective solution for your requirements.

What can we do for you?

End-to-end Data Pipeline

Data is one of your biggest assets. Build an end-to-end data pipeline to capture it, process it, and get value from it though batch analysis and real-time reports and predictions

Scalable Backends

Build robust and cost-effective backends that scale up as your application grows. Minimize technical issues and maintenance costs through high quality code and industry best practices.

Cloud Computing

Leverage the best mixture of cloud-based and open-source solutions for your specific requirements.

Architecture Audits

Assess your current data architecture and identify opportunities for improvement. Avoid costly early mistakes by drawing from our experience of delivering robust cloud architectures.

Why choose us?

We have worked with a wide array of clients on every step of the data pipeline, from data extraction and analysis to real-time reports and predictions. We have decades of multi-platform, scalable, robust engineering experience, delivering innovative, intuitive, and scalable software on time and within budget.

Work with Empirical Results to extract, process and analyze your data.